From Discovery to Purchase : a complete journey.


More and more people are vacationing globally.
It is a phenomenon that will continue to grow with time , across countries.
Notably, China has emerged over the years as a top travel spender in the world.

According to Skift, a premier travel magazine ,

“China, of course, is the behemoth in terms of sheer numbers of international travelers as well as their spending.
It is the top source market for international tourists and, since 2012, the top spender in international tourism.”


The boom in Leisure travel going forward will demand innovation in all funnels , including the ‘inspiration’ phase whose footprint is very high in terms of research.


Hotels and Airlines have started strengthening their online sales by creating digital booking experiences through their own apps delivered via desktops and mobiles.
This means there is a need for providing enhanced experiences and tools that boost their conversion and retention.
Transactional focus is just not enough : the potential buyer needs to be lured long before purchase , by selling destinations and inspiration.
A complete experience of research and purchase , will allow them to grow their customer loyalty. This also could save them from paying hefty sums of money in Search Engine Marketing.

Leisure travelers are either impulse vacationers or meticulous planners.
However both categories care about the Price and Experiences. Millennials can be very budget conscious often doing an impulse planning of their vacation trip with friends.
A search engine query for a vacation can limit you from doing a quick lookup of preferred destinations within a budget or preferences , especially if you do not have the time.
So there is a need for a tool that can either provide a stand-alone solution to the problem or
enhance the experience of an existing OTA, Hotel or Airline app in discovering a destination quickly and easily.

The Trippism solution and difference

Trippism is a two pronged solution to the problem.
It has a B2B2C model: A stand-alone B2C product that offers the solution in simple steps and workflow that can help you find fly away vacations in less than 10-20 minutes linking you to a Booking.
It is currently compatible with desktop and tablet browsers , being responsive on phone devices. Our web app also showcases our B2B interfaces.

As a B2B, it is completely designed with Apis and Microservices.
A composition of multiple Apis in one call can provide reviews from different sources , destinations , fare insights and more. A complete set of Destination discovery Api.
Any brand can easily white label and customize it for their own needs. Any OTA, Hotel or Airline site can integrate it within their offering as a tool to increase conversion, retention and offer an enhanced experience.
As a CRM offering, this can be powerful for Personalizing their customer experiences.
This also frees them from building tools like this from scratch.

According to Expedia study, OTAs are a premier point of research and they should capture the prospective traveler in all funnels.



What makes Trippism stand out from other products of similar type ?

Our Unique Selling Point is we have just enough information to narrow down on a fly away destination within a few minutes, inside of your budget and preferences.
In one screen you see critical decision making data points. As reported by tnooz magazine research has shown that decision factors that influence best trip decision are Price, Reviews , Activities/Events, Weather and Distance in that order.
These are some factors we have kept in mind while designing our Api as well as web app workflow.
We have partnered with Sabre , one of the top-most GDS of the world in suggesting destinations based on budget and preferences derived from their enormous daily booking data.
We provide fare analytics on hundreds of origin-destination pairs : which include insights like –

  • Mapped destinations with lowest current flight prices.
  • Peak and Off-Peak travel periods: can help the traveler find better times to fly.
  • Fare forecast: predicted fares for next week: Wait or Buy decision.
  • Fare range: fares paid recently based on ticketed fares paid in last 4 weeks. Helps if price today is in the lower range of what was recently paid.
  • To round up the destination discovery decision, we offer Things to do, Reviews and Travel videos.
  • Weather historically during the chosen travel time.




All of the above can give you a quick overview , just enough to narrow down easily and book.
We are the first in the industry to provide a complete set of destination discovery Api combining and composing results from varied sources.

So, Discover, Book and Escape with Trippism !